Friday, July 11, 2008

Starting over in World of Warcraft

After a bit of muddled frustration in general with World of Warcraft, i decided to reroll on a brand new server.

I am going to dual level up a Night Elf Hunter and Priest side by side. I am setting some restrictions for myself.

1.) Absolutely no help from my other characters. I will not transfer ( I have no toons on this server) any of my high level toons to help out.
2.) Trying out two classes i have never reached 70 with before.
3.) Avoid making any purchases at the Auction House.

My Goals are as follows
1.) Get both toons to Level 70
2.) Join a guild of decent folks of some sort
3.) Get an epic flying mount for both toons.
4.) Completely gear out both toons in Tier 5/6 Badge quality gear or Raid equivalent.

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